Ambassadors Bible Chapel Leadership

Ambassadors Bible Chapel is blessed to have a leadership team who are truly dedicated to Christ and accomplishing His will.



Mark is a graduate of Messiah College with a B.A. in Christian Education and post graduate of LBC’s Capital Seminary with a M.A. in Ministry.

Pastor Mark has a passion for Christ and preaching and teaching and making disciples of men and has lead Bible Studies and one-on-one men’s groups throughout his Christian walk. 

As a bi-vocational pastor he lives the Christian life at work, home and as a pastor and desires that all come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Joseph (Joe) Ward was born and grew up in York, PA. Being greatly influenced by his Christian parents; George A. & Evelyn S. Ward; to be involved in various christian ministries from youth including: church, camp, choral, orchestra and band. Joe came to know the Lord in the early 70’s and has been actively involved in studying and learning Bible verses since then.

Joe currently has an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from the former Thompson Institute of Harrisburg as well as a degree in Welding at York School of Technology.

Joe has been actively involved local camp ministries and has been a teaching Elder for children and adults at Ambassadors Bible Chapel since 2006. But Joe’s main passion is to share The Lord Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and to give people hope when there is no hope.